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Foundation Repair
That's what we do best

Action Foundation Repairs have the products and experience to repair your foundation problems once and for all. We specialize in foundation repair solutions.
It's what we do every day.

Foundation Waterproofing
Needs immediate attention when leaking

Homeowners who wish to get rid of the problem or avoid future leaks and floods should have their basement waterproofed. Our approach consists of: digging down to the footing, cleaning the foundation, applying waterproofing material, and adding a platon membrane for better protection.

Crack Repairs
You should not neglect

A cracked foundation will indicate that the condition has to be treated immediately either from the inside or the outside. Our expertise is to advise you on the best solution for your problem when we inspect your home.

Few Tips
to protect your home foundation...

Problems caused for not addressing foundation cracks in time...

  • Crack Enlarges due to neglect
  • Humidity (which could lead to decay of wood and other material stored in basement)
  • Insects (carpenter ants, termites, infestation, wood decay)
  • Mold (can cause many health problems)
  • More expensive to repair later

There are two main culprits for foundation cracks: soil problems and construction defects. While both can and do happen, soil tends to be a problem more often than not, especially in newer construction. Take immediate action before it becomes a serious and costly issue.


We also offer
The following services...

Whether it is a leaking or damp basement or a cracked foundation, we can help assess the cause of the problem and offer a free professional and no obligation estimate.

  • Foundation Repair
  • Foundation Waterproofing
  • Structural Damage repair
  • Sealing/insulating with spray foam
  • System platon
  • Weeping tile
  • Sump Pits/Pumps installation
  • Leaky basement repair
  • General Contractor Services


We are professional in...
Repair of home foundation damage


We are foundation repair specialists in Ottawa and surroundings areas, proud to have served these communities for over 20 years. We pride ourselves on reliable and quality work. A long term solution is available to you should your foundation problem requires repair or waterproofing. Before the problem becomes worse or more expensive to fix, call Action Foundation Repairs.

We offer quality work delivered on budget.


Action Foundation Repairs is a division of Paul Laframboise Construction Inc.



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